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- I keep all original rights to the piece of work, this means things such as copyright, right to display/post the art, right to modify the work, right to reference the work, etc. (Such as being able to post it on my accounts, display it as an example of my work, present it as my work in person/private, etc.)
- You may not monetize my work, or use it in a fashion that will support the monetization of other works, or include it in a seperately monetized work without prior permission. (Essentially, you have to ask before making merch of the art/using it in a youtube video/whatever! I'm usually okay if you ask first!)
- Commissioner can post/display the art in a personal manner with proper credit.
- Commissioner can resell art/characters designed, as long as origin is properly marked/given. The new owner is required to follow my terms of service.
- All commissions require at least half of the commission cost upfront, with the other half being required to recieve the final files. All close to completion pieces will be heavily watermarked to prevent theft. Full price at start is appreciated, but not required.
- I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission at any time. If a commission is canceled, I will refund the original transaction price of the commission. I reserve the right to refuse a refund if there isn't a proper reason for the refund. (Proper reasons include, but are not limited to: Taking much too long (3-6 Months+), Inability to reach an agreement on how commissioned piece should look EARLY in process (Sketch, etc.), etc.
- All pieces, unless specifically requested, will be lightly watermarked.
- All payments must be made in USD, through Paypal.
- All work will be invoiced by the ARTIST to the COMMISSIONER.
- Unless commission is for character design, customer must provide a proper amount of reference for their character. Lack of reference is grounds for termination/refund of commission or increase in price before commission is agreed to.
- All refunds will be prorated based upon work done. If sketched, 90% refund. Inked, 50% refund. Inked+Color: 15% if shading was included. Shading: 0%.